Miami Heat: New Era


The 2013-14 Miami Heat team was a special squad. Despite their lack of defense, rebounding, and wades absence of 1/3 of the season because of coach Spolstra’s and the medical staff’s maintenance program. They still managed to make it to the finals. Unfortunately, the Heat squad was outmatched and got out played by the San Antonio Spurs on both ends of the floor. When the season was over, there were many rumors on where LeBron, Wade, and Bosh would end up. All three decided to opt out and explore free agency. Pat Riley and the Heat organization tried their best to keep the “big 3” intact but nothing could’ve stopped LeBron James from going back home to Akron, Ohio and play with the talented young players in the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Heat fans weren’t worried about Dwyane Wade. We all knew he was going to stay in Miami and play here till he retires. Now what happened with Chris Bosh? Shockingly. He Re-signed with the Miami Heat. Despite knowing the rockets gave him a good offer to play with two all-star Players. He decided to take Riley’s offer which was more $. Now, we really don’t know if bosh stayed here cause of the money. It would appear that would be the case. But all off-season long. He said he wanted to stay in Miami if possible. Chris Bosh’s deal may have been over priced. But was it worth it? I think so. Not many Power forwards is as skilled on offense and can play defense as well. Chris Bosh took a back seat because he was asked, that doesn’t mean he can’t put up 20 points and 10 rebounds a night which he did in Toronto. Maybe he won’t have 20 and 10 season. But I’m sure it’ll be close.

LeBron leaving the heat gave Wade and Bosh and new purposes and new roles, roles that they’re both accustomed too before the big 3 era. Bosh will be a first option on offense just like in Toronto but Wade will be the closer in this team, Wades been clutch since his college glory days in Marquette and also clutch since his first round game winner back in his rookie year over Baron Davis and the hornets and till this day he still has the “clutch Gene” and with LeBron gone. Wade will embrace that “closer” role with no problems.

New Editions to the roster

Despite LeBron leaving, which is a big loss. Riley managed to get quality players to fit in roster. One big addition was The Miami heat’s Nemesis: Luol Deng. Heat fans would’ve never expected him to sign with the heat, but I’m glad he’s in the squad, one of the best off and on ball wing defenders in the NBA. Good off the ball scorer. Can shoot 3s and even post up at times. Other additions are: Danny Granger, James Ennis (2013 2nd round pick, played overseas in Australia, he won MVP in the Australian league. He resembles a Michael Finlay and  J Howard style of play ), Shannon Brown, Josh McRoberts, Shawne Williams and The 2x NCAA champion Point guard- Shabazz Napier.

Riley still has work to do, but overall Heat are still playoff contenders without LeBron James, and that is a very good thing, knowing Riley can still improve this Heat squad. Welcome to the NEW ERA of Heat basketball!